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Village Hall Booking Information

If you would like to book the village hall please complete the booking form or contact the Booking Secretary;

Prue Campbell,
41 Potterdale Drive,
Little Weighton,
HU20 3UU.
Tel: 01482 84446

The Weighton Room is the larger of our two halls. It measures 9.2 m x 5.2 m and has a wall-mounted screen and a projector in the ceiling, along with a loudspeaker system. It has step free access to the kitchen and toilets. It has a hearing loop. Cost £20 per session (inc use of kitchen)

The Rowley Room is slightly smaller at 7.5m x 5.2 m and has a serving hatch to the kitchen and is linked to The Weighton Room by folding doors which, when opened, will make one big hall 16.7 m long. It has access to the kitchen and toilets without any steps. Cost £16 per session (inc use of kitchen)

The Hunsley Suite is available as a small committee room or for anybody wanting to run a small business such as counselling, hairdresser or chiropodist who might need a treatment room and a waiting room.This is linked to the Rowley Room by folding doors. It has its own entrance (without steps) but does not have access to the kitchen unless The Rowley Room is unoccupied. Cost £15 per session (inc. use of kitchen when available)

The Weighton Room & The Rowley Room Combined. 16.7m x 5.2m. 
Cost £30 per session (inc use of kitchen)

Weddings (inc. time for  clearing the hall the following day) – Price on application

Adult Parties – £70

Children’s Parties – £40

Booking Form

Hirers of this Hall must comply with the 2003 Licensing Act which includes times and conditions for regulated entertainment.

Please note that the Hall does not have a permanent alcohol licence and if you wish to sell alcohol you will have to apply for your own temporary licence.

No alcohol may be served to under-18s. It is also an offence for an adult to purchase alcohol on behalf of a person under 18. Any persons attending an event who look under 21 may be asked to prove identification (i.e. a pass with an approved hologram logo on it, a driving licence or a passport).

Booking Conditions

1. Please treat the Village Hall with respect – it is run by a charity for the benefit of the people of Little Weighton, so please leave the hall in a clean and tidy condition, as you would wish to find it. Sweeping brushes are to be found in the storeroom.

2. Please supervise the people using the hall during the period of your hire. You will be asked to pay for any wilful damage. A deposit of £100 may be required. Do not sub-let (e.g. table top sales.)

3. If you are selling alcohol you will need to apply for a licence.

4. There is a fire exit door in the Rowley room. The back kitchen door can also be used as a fire exit door if there is a fire in the kitchen. Please make sure that someone has a mobile phone to ensure easy communication with the emergency services. The Fire Service should be asked to come to the front of the hall, unless the fire is in the car park: postcode HU20 3US. The assembly point is in the car park: postcode HU20 3UU.

5. The central heating will be programmed to come on in order to make the temperature comfortable for your stay. There are thermostats in both the Weighton and Rowley rooms. If you alter these please return them to their original positions so that people coming after you will be warm. Ditto radiator thermostats. 

6. The hot water heaters should stay switched on at all times. The Lincat boiler for making tea should be switched off at the wall socket after use.

7. There is a commercial dishwasher in the kitchen. If you will be doing a lot of washing up, please ask the Booking Secretary for instructions and read the instructions on the wall above the dishwasher.

8. If you have only a small amount of washing up, please use the freely provided tea towels in the drawers in the kitchen. After use, place in the white “waste-paper basket” in the kitchen for laundering. Ditto tablecloths.

9. We will not normally get out the chairs and tables unless you find this too difficult to do, in which case please ask the Booking Secretary. Please return everything to the storeroom after use. To use the chair trolleys, please wedge open the doors and have 2 people, one at the front, one at the back, to steer the trolley through the doors. Please re-stack the chairs on the trolley after use with the padded seats facing outwards.

10. The folding door between the Weighton and Rowley rooms should be either open or shut according to your booking instructions. Please do not attempt to change this unless you have had training.

11. Please put rubbish, which can be recycled into the blue bin outside the back door. Other rubbish should be placed in the kitchen bin. Further bin bags can be found under the sink and placed in the green bin outside the back door.

12. On leaving, make sure all exterior doors are locked, fire doors are closed and all lights switched off. The toilets, storeroom and car park lights are motion sensitive. The front lights are on a timer. Please do not make too much noise.

13. There is a rubber cable cover in the farthest white cupboard in the Hunsley Suite. Also extension cables.

14. If you require the audio visual system, please ask the Booking Secretary to unlock the cabinet.

15. There is a First Aid kit on the kitchen windowsill. If you use any item, please write this in the book inside the box. There are Accident Report forms in the black folder next to the oven.

16. Instructions for all appliances are in the red folder next to the oven.

17. There is a comprehensive range of policies. Please ask the Booking Secretary if you wish to see them e.g. the child safe-guarding policy.

18. Sand and salt for gritting the paths will be made available by the back door in icy weather for your use.